In 24 hours…Marrakech security arrested 61 people wanted nationally

A well-informed source reported that the security services of the Guéliz region were able, yesterday Monday, within 24 hours, to arrest 14 people investigated at the national and local levels and 47 people in flagrante delicto, distributed mainly between the promotion and possession of drugs, hallucinogenic tablets, theft, in addition to the driving show. They were subjected to theoretical custody measures, each according to the characteristics attributed to it.

The security services were also able to detect 39 cases of homeless people and 9 cases of mental disorders, and they were helped to be accommodated in their own institutions.

As for the part relating to traffic offenses, 139 offenses were noted, including 89 offenses related to motorcycles, including towing, extraction, show driving and return to the municipal pound for those who required this legal procedure.

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