Ouzzine to Hiba Press: The king’s donation of his personal funds is a responsibility towards the inhabitants of Jerusalem.

Reacting to the royal humanitarian initiative aimed at alleviating the suffering of war and blockade for residents resisting the Israeli military machine, the secretary general of the Popular Movement Party, Mohamed Ouzzine, commented on this noble royal approach by declaring to Hiba Press:

“Faced with the strange and worrying silence of the world in the face of the humanitarian tragedies suffered by the inhabitants of Gaza, after more than eight months of massacres, famine and forced displacement inflicted on defenseless Palestinian civilians, the voice of principle is heard again from Morocco, sentimentally linked to Palestine despite the distance, through the exemplary humanitarian initiative of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may God help him, who decided to send urgent aid to the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip , adding a personal contribution of his own funds. »

Ouzzine added: “This position, in its meanings and implications, is not surprising on the part of His Majesty the King, who, in addition to his presidency of the Al-Quds Committee, has this keen humanitarian sense derived from the values of solidarity and a deep awareness of the need to direct all efforts to lift injustice, spare lives and save souls from disease and famine. »

Ouzzine stressed that this noble royal initiative reflects the uniqueness of Morocco in its attachment to principles and its support for just causes, through concrete and influential actions, far from the slogans which hide the commerce of certain regimes with the Palestinian cause and the exploiting the tragedies of the Palestinian people to manipulate their own populations and distract them from their internal problems.

Ouzzine concluded by saying: “Morocco, under the leadership of its valiant king, will always continue to be a defender of just and comprehensive peace in the Middle East, and a supporter of the legitimate right of the Palestinian people to live in peace in the framework of a two-state solution and the recognition of East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine. »

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