2nd legislative year: Baitas highlights an assessment of legislative production


The second legislative year of the 11th legislature, which has just ended its work, has borne fruit with significant production in terms of legislation and control as evidenced by a set of qualitative and quantitative indicators, affirmed Thursday in Rabat, the Minister Delegate in charge of Relations with Parliament, government spokesperson, Mustapha Baitas.

During a press briefing devoted to the assessment of the government’s action in parliament during this second legislative year 2022-2023, Mr. Baitas indicated that the performance indicators reflect the effectiveness of the government’s action in supporting the work of the two Chambers of Parliament and ensuring interactivity with legislative initiatives and the evaluation of public policies.

In terms of legislation, Mr. Baitas indicated that a total of 46 bills were submitted to Parliament for the 2022-2023 legislative year, while the number of approved bills amounts to 60 including 21 laws relating to bilateral or multilateral conventions, noting that 24 other bills are currently being examined within this legislative institution, including 15 adopted by one of the two Chambers.

Concerning the presence of members of the government at plenary sessions and meetings of permanent parliamentary committees, the Minister Delegate reported participation in 226 meetings including 132 in the House of Representatives and 94 in the House of Advisors.

Regarding legislative initiatives, Mr. Baitas said that the government has expressed its legal position on 122 proposed laws out of a total of 172 (71%), noting that two proposed laws relating to water and the Code of Moroccan nationality were approved by both Houses of Parliament during this legislative year.

Regarding its control role, Mr. Baitas specified that the Executive responded to 1,371 oral questions during 51 weekly plenary sessions (23 in the House of Representatives and 28 in the House of Advisors), adding that this legislative year was marked by the holding of 10 monthly plenary sessions devoted to the responses of the Head of Government, during which 78 questions were asked on general policy, particularly water policy and the implementation of the medical coverage and social, in addition to the investment management and promotion policy.

Furthermore, the Minister Delegate indicated that the government responded to 6,290 questions out of the 9,520 addressed by the two Chambers while expressing its readiness to respond to 22 requests formulated to debate current issues which concern public opinion, including 20 have already been scheduled. The government also responded favorably to 74 requests for the holding of commissions to examine issues relating in particular to food security, the strategy for promoting the craft sector, national industrial policy and the strategy of logistics zones, -he said.

Addressing the aspect relating to the evaluation of public policies, Mr. Baitas underlined that the two Chambers of Parliament successively held two annual sessions devoted to the examination and evaluation of public policies. Thus, he continued, the Kingdom’s water policy and the National Plan for Administration Reform 2018-2021 were examined in the House of Representatives, while the question of public policies relating to “education , training and reform issues” was debated within the Chamber of Advisors.

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