Bank Al-Maghrib announces a drop in the interest rate to 2.75%

During its meeting held today, Tuesday in Rabat, the Board of Bank Al-Maghrib decided to reduce the key rate by 25 basis points, bringing it to 2.75%.

In a press release on the second quarterly meeting of its Board for the year two thousand and twenty-four, Bank Al-Maghrib stressed that “after having kept the key rate unchanged for four consecutive meetings, it was decided to reduce it by 25 basis points, bringing it to 2.75%.

The same press release adds that the Council will continue to closely monitor developments in the economic situation and inflation, both nationally and internationally.

The press release also indicates that “the Council considered that the adjustment of monetary policy, the regular monitoring of the implementation of its decisions, as well as the measures taken by the government to support the purchasing power of households and certain economic activities, have made it possible to make very significant progress in reducing inflation to levels consistent with the objective of price stability while maintaining the recovery of economic activity after the pandemic.

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