Mohcine Jazouli: “The reform of the CRI aims to support the economic growth of the Kingdom”


The new phase of reform and development of the Regional Investment Centers (CRI) aims to strengthen the investment dynamic and support the economic growth of the Kingdom, indicated Wednesday in the House of Representatives, the Minister Delegate to the Head of Government, responsible for Investment, Convergence and Evaluation of public policies, Mohcine Jazouli.

During a meeting of the Finance and Economic Development Committee, devoted to the presentation of bill No. 22.24 amending and supplementing Law No. 47-18 reforming CRIs and creating Unified Regional Investment Commissions ( CRUI), Mr. Jazouli explained that the reform of the CRIs aims to strengthen their missions and their role, to increase their efficiency as well as that of the CRUIs, and to establish unified and decentralized governance of investment.

Concerning the new features introduced by the bill, Mr. Jazouli indicated that they concern the governance and organization of the CRIs, the functioning of the CRUIs, the decentralization of investment agreements of less than 250 million dirhams (MDH) , as well as investments in the field of urban development and appeals filed by investors. In terms of governance and organization of the CRIs, he specified that the presidency of the board of directors of these centers will fall to the Head of Government or a government authority designated by him. The council will meet twice a year instead of three, and it will be tailored to meet the specific needs of each region. In addition, the position of secretary general will be created to assist the director of the CRI, who will assume the presidency of the CRUI.

Investment files must be processed within 30 days, continued Mr. Jazouli, explaining that the president of the CRUI is responsible for monitoring the execution of decisions and opinions approved by the regional commission, as well as preparing a quarterly report on the obstacles encountered in the processing of investment files and on the delays observed in the delivery of administrative decisions.

The CRUI is also responsible for approving investment agreements where the total project amount is less than 250 MDH, added the government official. Regarding town planning exemptions, Mr. Jazouli specified that they only apply to investment projects in the industrial and hotel sectors. The regional commission decides on requests for exemption while ensuring that they do not affect land reserved for public facilities and green spaces, and while preserving historical monuments and the heritage character of old towns.

After noting that exemptions in town planning matters are exclusively granted by the Head of Government after a favorable opinion from the CRUI, Mr. Jazouli indicated, with regard to the remedies, that the ministerial steering commission has been replaced by a ministerial appeals commission which examines investors’ requests within a maximum period of 30 days. The Minister Delegate underlined that this reform of the CRI, aligned with the royal vision, aims to make investment a driver of economic recovery to create 500,000 jobs between 2022 and 2026.

The reform of the State’s investment policy, via a new transparent and incentive Charter, is based on unified and decentralized governance, improvement of the business climate and four investment support schemes, he said. -he recalled, noting that the government has strengthened the institutional framework and governance mechanisms linked to investment by creating the National Investment Commission and a department responsible for investment attached to the Head of Government.

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