Baccalaureate 2024: A success rate of 67.8% in the June session


A total of 245,881 enrolled candidates from public and private education, including 143,366 girls, passed the tests of the normal session of the national Baccalaureate examination for the year 2024, i.e. a success rate of 67.8%, announced Wednesday the Ministry of National Education, Preschool and Sports.

The success rate for this June session increased by 8 percentage points, the number of winners thus remaining stable compared to the 2023 session which recorded a rate of 59.8% (245,295 students) , according to the results of the normal session announced by the ministry after the completion of deliberations in all regional education and training academies.

The success rate for girls is 72% among all the candidates who took these tests, while that for boys is 62.6%.

In total, 362,848 educated candidates presented themselves to take the tests for this session, with an attendance rate of 97.4%, compared to 410,273 candidates who took the session of the previous year, with an attendance rate of 96, 3%. The number of free candidates present was 74,556, with an attendance rate of 61.8%, of which 29,440 passed the exam, i.e. a success rate of 39.5%.

The number of educated and independent candidates who obtained a mention is 148,362 candidates, representing 54% of the total candidates who passed.

The success rates recorded for the international Moroccan baccalaureate courses and the professional baccalaureate courses are respectively 70.7% and 64.2%.

For candidates with disabilities, 1,024 passed, after having benefited from the adaptation of the tests or the examination and correction conditions, or both, with a rate of 75.7%.

This year’s baccalaureate exams were distinguished by several important new features, namely the establishment of an integrated system for the secure transfer of exam subjects to academies, as well as the adoption of a phygital traceability solution copies of candidates, making it possible to secure operations relating to the correction of examination copies before anonymity is lifted. In addition, the ministry will continue to produce the secure digital version of the baccalaureate diploma “the bac phygital”, as well as transcripts.

All candidates will receive the digital version of their baccalaureate diploma this same day, and will be able to obtain the paper version of this diploma from Thursday June 27. They also received their results by SMS and via their email on

In addition, 147,317 candidates will take the tests for the remedial session on July 10, 11, 12 and 13, including 106,725 enrolled candidates and 40,592 independent candidates. The results of this session will be announced on July 19.

On this occasion, the ministry extends its congratulations to all the candidates who passed their exams and expresses its gratitude to the parents and guardians of the students who supported their children throughout this crucial stage of their educational journey, as well as to the All the teaching and administrative teams, local authorities, security and all stakeholders and partners, for their contribution to the success of the Baccalaureate exams, and wish good luck to the candidates who will take the remedial session.

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