Taroudant gendarmes solve the mystery of the murder of a young man and a young girl

Today, Wednesday June 26, the Gendarmerie Services of the Taroudant Company were able to solve the mystery of the heinous murder during which a young man in his twenties was killed, in the company of a young girl of 19 years old, in an abandoned house at the Ain Lamdour roundabout, the local authority, Al Ain district.

In this context, the newspaper’s sources confirm that the investigations opened by the Royal Gendarmerie in Taroudant have made it possible to identify the main suspect who was arrested before the arrest of two other people suspected of being linked to this heinous criminal act which shook the region.

According to preliminary data obtained by the newspaper, this crime is probably linked to rape, since the deceased tried to defend his mistress, but was fatally stabbed in the neck, while the young girl was killed by suffocation after resisting the rapists.

The accused found the two victims in an abandoned mud house, where they were probably under the influence of alcohol. They therefore raped and killed the young girl, before her lover was killed while trying to defend her.

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