Weather: foggy formations


Here is the weather forecast established by the General Directorate of National Meteorology for today Wednesday July 3, 2024:

– Hot weather in the South-East and the interior of the Southern Provinces and quite hot in the East and the interior plains.

– Low clouds with fog formations over the North and Central Atlantic Plains and over the Mediterranean, in the morning and at night.

– Fairly strong gusts of wind in the Southern Provinces and the Central Coasts.

– Minimum temperatures of around 20/27°C in the South-East and the East and South of the Saharan Provinces, 13/15°C in the Atlas and the Rif and 15/20°C everywhere else.

– Rising daytime temperatures.

– Calm to slightly rough seas in the Mediterranean and the Strait, slightly rough to rough north of Safi and rough to locally strong in the south.

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