Signing ceremony of the financing contract for the first project co-financed by IFE in Morocco aimed at creating sustainable and quality jobs


Signing of the financing agreement for the “Usine Ecole Pilote 4.0” project co-financed by the KFW subsidiary, the Investment Facility for Employment (IFE). The project covered by this grant, which is supported by the EuroMed University of Fez, aims to build and equip an innovative training center dedicated to industry 4.0.

On July 2, 2024, the Investment Facility for Employment, represented by its Director General Ms. Anke AFFLERBACH, and the EuroMed University of Fez (UEMF), represented by its President Mr. Mostapha BOUSMINA, signed a grant agreement in the amount of 37.58 million DH (3.51 M €) for the implementation of the new ”Pilot School Factory 4.0” project. This project will allow, at the end of its first three years of operation, the training of 585 graduates and the strengthening of the skills of more than 1,100 professionals, with the creation of 541 new jobs.

Mobilizing a total investment of nearly 53.2 million DH (4.97 M €), including a contribution from the IFE of 70% and a contribution of 30% from the UEMF, the project to create this new training center constitutes the second phase of the “Fez Smart Factory” project which is led by the EuroMed University of Fez in partnership with the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Digital Development Agency, the Fez-Meknes Regional Council, the Fez-Meknes Branch of the General Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises and the Alten Delivery Center Maroc Company. The creation of this innovative training center is part of the national strategy aimed at setting up a new generation of training establishments, to support the digital transformation of the Moroccan industrial fabric and meet the expectations of private operators wishing to adapt to the era of industry 4.0.

Thus, thanks to the investments that will be made within the framework of the project which should be operational from September 2026, professionals in the industrial sector of the Fez-Meknes Region and young future beneficiaries will have access to cutting-edge training, with very advanced technological solutions and personalized support to help them meet the challenges of industry 4.0.

In terms of initial training, the center will have a capacity of 240 teaching places per year, with a one-year diploma course (Professional License) targeting graduates of professional training or higher education at the higher technician level (Bac + 2).

This signing ceremony was marked by the participation of representatives of local authorities and the Fez-Meknes Regional Council, the German Embassy in Rabat, the Director of the KfW Office in Morocco, the CGEM Fez-Meknes and the heads of external services.

A first financing agreement in a long series to come

The first call for projects launched in Morocco by the IFE in 2023 was a notable success, with several other pre-selected projects currently in the final phase of due diligence. New funding grants will be signed from next September.

Please note that a 2nd call for projects was launched by the IFE from May 15 to July 1, 2024, the evaluation process of which is currently underway.

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