Summer brings back furnished apartment rentals in coastal cities via apps

The rental of furnished apartments and villas in coastal towns has seen a significant boost with the rise in summer temperatures and the school holidays.

Most Moroccans are now turning to apps specializing in daily rentals and seasonal rentals, preferring to rent from well-known platforms rather than looking for local accommodation on site.

Despite the high commissions these apps charge to apartment owners and renters, the ability to view properties remotely before booking encourages users to choose to rent through apps over traditional on-site searches.

Apartment prices have seen a notable increase recently, particularly in northern cities such as Martil, Fnideq, M’diq, Cabo Negro, Tangier and Tetouan, which usually attract record numbers of visitors.

Apartment prices in cities characterized by domestic tourism, especially those known as “poor people’s cities” such as Jdida and Azemmour, have also seen a notable increase due to strong demand from middle- and low-income families.

A significant increase in demand for apartment rentals is expected with the influx of the Moroccan community residing abroad, particularly towards the end of July and the beginning of August, a peak period when prices for furnished apartments and villas reach exorbitant levels.

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