A look back at the controversial press conference of the Tunisian coach of AS FAR after the final of the Throne Cup: Bravery and sense of responsibility of Talal Ahmed


Just after the end of the Throne Cup Final which saw the final victory of Raja over AS FAR (2-1), the press conference which was going to follow the match turned sour because of the stubbornness of the AS FAR coach, who actually attacked one of the journalists who asked him the question on the system he used for the changes made which seemed late in the eyes of all sports observers, which would have brought credit to the military team

The current coach of AS FAR Nasreddine Nabi, 58 years old, who has been on his way out for a month to take charge of the South Africans of Kaizer Chiefs, seemed beside himself and even on the verge of wanting to “spit all his venom” on the journalists present, perhaps to want to hide his multiple faults recorded during the confrontation and which he takes as a pretext in order to leave pretending to be a “victim” of the Moroccan Press which would have harmed him and that he had not feigned his responsibility except that the Tunisian forgot that he did not want to leave confident and victorious because his morale is already gone for South Africa and AS FAR has therefore paid the high price for this technical, tactical, psychological and moral negligence.

The Tunisian, who had not swallowed our journalist’s question and to appear as a victim, acted violently, believing to intimidate the Press present, but that was without taking into account the bravery, citizenship, altruism and sense of Moroccanness that flows in the blood of our colleagues, including the humble, modest, reasonable and too kind Ahmed Talal who did not hold back that his friend was “humiliated” in this way to ask the Tunisian coach to moderate himself and confront the journalists’ questions in a spirit of Fait-Play, because every journalist has the right to ask the question that seems plausible to him.

In this unexpected turn where Ahmed Talal stole the show with his composure and his competence in wanting to ease the tension and put the Tunisian back on the right path, the fact remains that this well-considered intervention by Talal was able to give a better lesson in journalistic notoriety to Nasreddine Nabi, who preferred to flee forward and thus leave the Conference Room, very dejected on all fronts.

We do not blame Nasreddine because he is very competent in his field but we have just learned a very serious lesson which shows that Tunisians are limited and when they fail they create problems to leave on the backs of others in the form of victims… the examples are legion here at home!

Well done Ahmed Talal for your intervention, which finally put things back in their place.

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