Unified portal for access to digital services to be launched soon


The Minister Delegate for Digital Transition and Administrative Reform, Ghita Mezzour, announced on Wednesday in the House of Representatives the upcoming launch of a unified portal allowing citizens to access all digital services.

During a meeting of the Justice, Legislation and Human Rights Committee, Ms. Mezzour stressed that this unified portal, currently in the pilot phase, aims to pool different digital functionalities, thus facilitating access to the various public services available online.

During this meeting, devoted to the examination of the 2021 annual report of the Institution of the Ombudsman of the Kingdom, Ms. Mezzour indicated that the ministry is working to support the various departments in improving reception areas in public administrations and promoting digitalization. This includes, she specified, the supervision of continuing training to improve the quality of the responses of the various administrations to complainants.

Ms. Mezzour also noted that Morocco is experiencing “a real revolution” in the field of digitalization through the implementation of a series of programs and projects, including the simplification of administrative procedures, including the reduction of more than 45% of the number of documents required for investors.

Representatives of the majority welcomed the content of Ms. Mezzour’s presentation, noting that the document presents a set of “achievements and future visions for the reform of public administration, the objective being to improve the relationship of users with it and to break with the state of dissatisfaction resulting from previous accumulations.”

They also welcomed the various achievements that they consider to be “a revolution in the sense of strengthening confidence in the administration and saving administrative time”, particularly with regard to measures to simplify administrative procedures in matters of investment as well as the development of digital administration which has enabled the establishment of more than 600 digital services via the Internet.

They also called for “ensuring the proper application of legal provisions relating to the Public Services Charter, the simplification of administrative procedures and steps, access to information and other provisions enabling users to guarantee their right to benefit from public services and to access them in a fluid manner, far from previous practices dominated by favouritism, clientelism and corruption.”

At the same time, they highlighted the significant role played by the various reports of the Ombudsman of the Kingdom in supporting change and improving the performance of the administration, through the various recommendations and observations relating thereto.

Opposition representatives stressed that the minister’s presentation includes many achievements in the sector, particularly in terms of digitalization and reforms that the ministry intends to undertake, noting, however, that the interaction of administrations with the Ombudsman remains weak, compared to the constitutional prerogatives conferred on the Institution, especially since the law obliges administrations to respond to the institution’s correspondence within specific deadlines.

They therefore called for intensifying communication efforts between this institution and citizens, and for strengthening the role of mediation in order to provide justice to complainants.

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