Point of view: Samira Djouadi, the Franco-Moroccan candidate who does not want to see the 9th Constituency of French People Abroad sink into extremes.


Her political commitment stems from a deep concern about the rise of radical poles, which she sees as an existential threat to the nations of West Africa and the Maghreb, particularly Morocco, the country of her origins.

Firmly criticizing both extremes, she denounces on the one hand the RN for its exacerbated nationalism, imbued with xenophobia and rejection of cosmopolitan values. For her, it is disconcerting to see FN voters residing in foreign countries where diversity and openness are fundamental pillars of society. On the other hand, she points the finger at the leaders of the Popular Front for their left-wing radicalism and their economic proposals that she considers unrealistic, as well as for their proximity to the Polisario Front, threatening regional stability.

Samira Djouadi, a dynamic and committed Franco-Moroccan woman, is running in the legislative elections for the ninth constituency of French people abroad. Known for her deep commitment to social issues and the associative fabric, she founded the TF1 Foundation and defends the values ​​of diversity and inclusion. With her experience in the associative sector and her role as advisor to the EESC, Samira was able to attract attention in the second round, against the outgoing deputy, thanks to a campaign of proximity and listening to citizens. She is accompanied in this candidacy by Léa Diani, a dynamic figure in Moroccan civil society and cultural life for 25 years.

Its ambitious program offers concrete solutions for French people abroad:

-Strengthen the AEFE and its schools to guarantee quality education at a lower cost, including scholarships and programs adapted to cultural contexts.

-Improve access to health services for expatriates by ensuring equitable and continuous medical coverage, as well as rights to care through the CFE.

-Support the entrepreneurial development of French people abroad with resources, professional networks, adapted financing and facilitation of international legal obligations.

– Modernize and make access to consular services more accessible through digitalization, by establishing local relays and regular consular tours.

-Mobilization to protect, inform and facilitate the evacuation of French people in the event of emergency situations, in close collaboration with local authorities.

By confronting an outgoing MP criticized for his inaction, Samira Djouadi embodies change and the hope of an active and engaged representation. She calls on all voters in the ninth constituency to mobilize to make their voices heard and participate in building a better future.

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