Morocco offers incentives to American companies, Mzouri calls on them to double their investments

As part of the economic and commercial cooperation between Morocco and the United States since the declaration of the free trade zone between the two countries, the projects of American companies in Morocco have doubled, in particular thanks to the significant incentives offered by Rabat to American investors.

In this regard, Riad Mzouri, Moroccan Minister of Industry and Trade, called on American companies to invest in Morocco and take advantage of the many incentives offered by the kingdom.

Speaking at the Atlantic Council during his visit to the United States, Riad Mzouri stressed that Morocco offers many opportunities to American companies, particularly in terms of competitiveness, expertise and strategic position close to Europe.

Minister Mzouri stressed that the Moroccan strategy has enabled several new American investors to enter Morocco, urging all American companies to take advantage of Morocco’s position to strengthen their power and conquer new markets.

Mzouri added that Morocco aims to increase the volume of investments, taking advantage of every opportunity to do so, starting with its capabilities in the field of energy transition, Morocco being one of the most competitive countries in the production of renewable energy and green hydrogen thanks to its favorable climate and the land available for this purpose.

Morocco has overcome many challenges in the industrial field, added the minister, stressing that 15 years ago, Morocco did not export any cars or industrial products and was excluded from the world ranking of producers, highlighting that, on the other hand, 85% of Moroccan exports are currently manufactured goods, and that 90% of basic phosphate products exported are processed products, only 10% being raw.

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