Looking back at World Accreditation Day: Morocco accredited 180 operating organizations that helped establish the foundations for international recognition


At the national level, Morocco has accredited 180 organizations operating, in particular in the fields of testing, calibration, medical biology analysis, certification and inspection. These accreditations constitute a guarantee of trust and credibility for the services provided by these organizations.

Furthermore, it should be noted that in order to facilitate access to markets for companies exporting goods and services, the Ministry of Industry and Trade has set up a new dedicated accreditation program for certification bodies.

In addition, considerable efforts are being undertaken by Morocco, which have made it possible to establish the foundations for international recognition of the accreditation system. This includes the development of a draft law on the creation of the Moroccan Institute of Accreditation (and this in order to meet international requirements, particularly in terms of impartiality and legal responsibility.

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