Belgium…a big party in honor of the teachers of the accredited Moroccan cultural mission

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On Wednesday, July 3, the headquarters of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in Brussels witnessed a grand ceremony in honor of the professors of the Moroccan Cultural Mission accredited to this embassy, ​​whose functions will end at the end of the current university course. season, and who belong to the 2019 cohort. This initiative, in its second edition, is a unique radiological activity. The Moroccan cultural mission in Belgium is completely different from its counterparts at the international level.

The meeting was opened by Mr. Mohamed Amer, Ambassador of His Majesty to the Kingdom of Belgium and to the Grand Delegation of Luxembourg, with a long speech in which he reviewed the various developments in the Moroccan-Belgian cooperation file in the cultural and educational field, particularly in the section relating to the teaching of the Arabic language and Moroccan culture to members of the Moroccan community in Belgium, emphasizing the embassy’s concern to expand its educational offering to meet the growing real needs received from the various official partners or from civil actors working in this field. The Ambassador also congratulated the famous professors for their success in their duties, and thanked them for the various great services they have rendered to the daughters and sons of Moroccans in Belgium throughout their mandate. accreditation, wishing them good luck and success in their professional careers, His Excellency did not fail to salute the spirit of gratitude and loyalty that characterizes the members of the Moroccan Cultural Mission, embodied by this tradition that has found a worthy place. for this within the framework of the radiological activities of the mission, saluting in this regard their professionalism and the solidity of the educational department of this embassy, ​​noting the efforts made by Youssef Al-Rayani, the supervisor of this file, for this. file to remain standing and developed.

In turn, Mr. Youssef Al-Rayani, head of the educational department at the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in Belgium, highlighted the great role played by the members of the famous regiment over the past five years, in order to implement cultural and educational programs for Belgian Moroccans, as well as in the success of various radiological activities and joint stations that the mission organizes under the direction and monitoring of the educational department, the most important of which are the competitions for obtaining the certificate of recognition for the completion of primary lessons and celebrations for outstanding male and female members of our community, not to mention the monitoring of an important aspect of the operations related to the annual organization of the cultural sanctuary in its various stages. concluded his speech by thanking the members of this regiment. The regiment thanked them for their positive impact on the work of this mission, wishing them a safe return to the country and a successful continuation of their professional and life journey.

The speech was then delivered by the teachers of the famous regiment, who expressed, through the voice of one of their colleagues, their deep thanks to the Ambassador for the support and attention he continued to give to the members of the educational mission. The Hassan II Foundation, which spared no effort to provide them with the conditions conducive to the accomplishment of their noble tasks, also congratulated Mr. Youssef Al-Rayani, head of the educational department at the Moroccan embassy in Brussels, who, thanks to his efforts, attentive supervision and long experience, enabled them to develop their professional capacities, in general, and their organizational capacities, in particular. They expressed their pride and pride in this unique experience, which is why the speaker concluded the group’s speech by emphasizing loyalty to the glorious Alawite throne. and to His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may God grant him victory. .

In accordance with authentic Moroccan customs, on this occasion, a lunch was organized in honor of the participants, during which different Moroccan dishes were served, reflecting the richness and diversity of Moroccan cuisine, from Tangier in the north to La Gouira in the south of Morocco, through dishes from the Atlas and other regions of Morocco. Tea and Moroccan sweets were also served in the evening.

It should be noted that the Moroccan cultural mission in Belgium is carrying out an intense annual work program, particularly during this last period, since it was able, thanks to this important movement in terms of quantity and quality, to take a leading place on the general scene of Moroccan cultural and educational diplomacy, and thanks to this it managed to attract great media attention, both from the national written and audiovisual press, as well as from press platforms specializing in the affairs of the Moroccan community in Belgium, both audio and written.

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