2nd National Meeting for Innovative Solidarity in Morocco


The dynamics of third sector organizations “For an Innovative Solidarity in Morocco” is organizing its 2nd National Meeting, under the theme “Let’s release the full potential of solidarity through innovation”.

“For an Innovative Solidarity in Morocco” (SIM) is an initiative launched in 2022 by the Abdelkader Bensalah Foundation, with the support of the Hanns Seidel Foundation, and co-sponsored with its founding members, the Al Jisr Association, the AMH Group, the Amane Foundation, the Tahar Sebti Institution, the Les Citoyens Association, Royal Air Maroc and the We Speak Citizen Association.

Since its launch, SIM’s objective has been to (1) take a new look at solidarity practices in Morocco in order to capitalize and transform yesterday’s lessons into action for today and tomorrow and (2) operate a shift towards innovative solidarity capable of generating a positive and lasting impact on beneficiaries.

After an initial phase of raising awareness among solidarity actors in Morocco, through a series of interviews with ten (10) solidarity experts in Morocco, shared on the YouTube channel and social networks of the Abdelkader Bensalah Foundation, a second phase was launched in 2023 to initiate a national and regional dialogue on the necessary systemic transformation of the solidarity sector in Morocco through the mobilization and consultation of its actors on best practices to achieve this, and this via: (1) the dissemination of a reference document “For innovative solidarity in Morocco”; (2) the initiation of a national steering group; (3) the organization of two national meetings on the subject bringing together solidarity actors

solidarity in Morocco; (4) the organization of five thematic consultation workshops; and (5) the identification of major issues of solidarity in Morocco.

This second national meeting meets the following objectives:

Promote the five principles and values ​​of innovative solidarity resulting from national and regional debates between some 200 Moroccan actors committed to solidarity. Call for the contribution of stakeholders concerned by solidarity to the co-construction of actions and their deployment in the territories. Promote collaboration between solidarity actors by relying on the principles and tools of social innovation.

It will also inaugurate on this occasion a new stage in this dynamic which will be marked by the opening of membership to all solidarity actors with a view to co-constructing a shared action plan for the coming period, as well as to effectively implement all the actions which will arise from the various workshops which will be organized during the last quarter of this year.

This meeting will celebrate and recognize the efforts made by the founding members of the SIM dynamic, driven by the desire to be a force for proposals and support for improving the situation of solidarity in our country, and will establish a third phase

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