Experience how Morocco won the organization of its first CAN in 1988 against Algeria and replacing Zambia


The 1988 African Cup of Nations was the sixteenth edition of the African Cup of Nations. It took place in Morocco from March 13 to March 27, 1988. It was won by Cameroon. The competition was initially to take place in Zambia, before being awarded to Morocco. Morocco, solicited by CAF, was ready, as usual, to organize the competition and had therefore responded, without ever refusing CAF’s offer.

From March 13 to 27, 1988, the CAN was played with only 8 teams between the Mohammed V Complex in Casablanca and the Moulay Abdallah Complex in Rabat.

It should be recalled that at first glance, Morocco was not essentially the host country because it was only in December 1986 that Zambia apologized to CAF, for financial reasons. Algeria was then approached, but CAF finally withdrew the organization from it in February 1987.

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