“Second round of French legislative elections… Left-wing coalition leads the poll”

The left-wing coalition, united under the banner of the “New Popular Front”, won the second round of early legislative elections with 182 seats in the French National Assembly, according to the final results published by the Interior Ministry today, Monday.

The presidential camp, under the banner of “Together”, obtained 168 seats, while the National Rally (extreme right) and its allies won 143 seats, according to the same source.

Thus, none of the political parties can achieve an absolute majority of 289 deputies on their own.

In terms of number of votes, the National Rally won the elections with more than 8.7 million votes, or 32.05% of the votes cast. The New Popular Front obtained more than 7 million votes, or 25.68% of the votes, while the presidential camp collected more than 6 million 314 thousand votes, or 23.15% of the votes.

After the results were announced, Prime Minister Gabriel Attal said last night, Sunday, that he would present his resignation to President Emmanuel Macron today, who will be tasked with appointing a new prime minister.

It should be noted that nearly 49.3 million French people were called to the polls yesterday, Sunday, for the second round of early legislative elections, called by the French president on June 9, after the dissolution of the National Assembly following the victory of the extreme right in the European elections.

Around 1,094 candidates competed in this second round to occupy 501 seats in the National Assembly.

At the end of the first round, 75 deputies out of 577 were elected. The National Rally obtained 39 seats, against 32 for the New Popular Front and 2 for the presidential camp.

The turnout was 66.63% on Sunday, with 28 million 870 thousand 328 voters casting their ballots, according to final results from the French Interior Ministry.

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