Casablanca-Berrechid highway tripling project about to be completed

For several weeks, the pace of work has intensified on the road section linking Casablanca to Berrechid via the motorway in both directions, where a complete road widening project is underway.

After a long wait due to the slow pace of the work, attributed to various factors such as heavy traffic, the company responsible for the project has doubled the number of its workers as well as their working hours to complete the work as soon as possible.

According to what Hiba Press has noted, the process of tripling the road section linking Casablanca to Berrechid in both directions is nearing its end, with currently finishing work on the residues and minor touch-ups underway to allow normal traffic.

The project to triple the highway between the industrial cities of Berrechid and Casablanca, linking the center of Morocco to its south, will help to ease traffic flow, especially given the intensive use of this section by private cars, trucks and taxis.

At the same time, work continues on the new highway that will link Tetouan to Berrechid via Mediona and Deroua, with the current preparation of foundations and the construction of infrastructure such as bridges.

This new highway, the first of its kind in Morocco planned with three lanes in each direction, will reduce travel time for those coming from Rabat and wishing to head south without going through Casablanca, and vice versa.

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