Moroccan “Kenza Laila” wins the title of Artificial Intelligence Beauty Queen

Moroccan virtual influencer Kenza Laila has won the title of the world’s first Artificial Intelligence Beauty Queen.

Kenza was crowned after beating out 1,500 other AI-created competitors to win the $13,000 prize.

On this subject, Kenza said: “I am extremely grateful for this opportunity which allowed me to thank the creators of artificial intelligence and to passionately defend the positive impact of AI.”

She added in her victory speech: “This journey has been a demonstration of the power of innovation, collaboration and raising standards to shape our future.”

According to the British Daily Mail, the judges expressed their admiration for the advanced technology behind the artificial intelligence star, as well as for her attractive “personality.”

Receiving the award, the inventor of Kenza also stressed that winning the Artificial Intelligence Beauty Queen contest further motivates him to continue his work in developing AI technology.

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