New era for Iran: New President Pezeshkian calls for resolution of compulsory veil issue and shouts loudly: “We have been shouting death to America for 45 years, that’s enough.”


After decades of pain and sorrow, shaken by unbearable economic crises, under the yoke of the “Revolutionary Guards”, Iran was strengthened everywhere and suffering martyrdom.

Today, Iran seems to want to change course and wants to knock on a new door that would allow it to escape its embarrassment and start building a new republic more aware of its future, that of its economy and that of its citizens who could no longer bear the despair that has inhabited them for a long time.

Also, a new president arrived at the head of the Islamic State more open and more reformist than ever and announced it strongly from the start by wishing to participate with the USA and the West in the “reform” of the new very inflexible Islamic republic which could obtain a way out towards “renewal”:

“We have been shouting death to America for 45 years, that’s enough. (…) We cannot build a wall around the country,” insisted Mr. Pezeshkian, who is now calling for a resolution to the issue of compulsory veiling for women, one of the causes of the vast protest movement that shook the country in late 2022 after the death of Mahsa Amini, arrested for not respecting the strict dress code, knowing that the country’s economic difficulties, its international relations, the low voter turnout and the restrictions imposed on the Internet by the government are commonplace and deserve a plausible solution to allow the country to get out of it wisely.

Of course, the election should have limited repercussions, the president having only limited powers since he is only responsible for applying, at the head of the government, the broad political guidelines set by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who is the head of state, but who can always intervene for good.

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