Akhannouch: “The government is determined to accelerate the pace of employment programs”


The government is determined to accelerate the pace of employment programs, control unemployment rates and provide decent work opportunities that guarantee equal opportunities in access to stable and sustainable employment, said Tuesday in Rabat, the head of government, Aziz Akhannouch.

In response to a central question on the theme “Social dialogue, a mechanism for promoting workers’ conditions and a lever for improving the performance of the national economy”, during a plenary session devoted to the responses of the head of government to questions relating to general policy in the House of Advisors, Mr. Akhannouch indicated that the executive has made social dialogue an essential foundation for employment issues to be at the top of its priorities during the next phase, given the priority and urgency of these issues.

The head of government stressed that social dialogue “now goes beyond the classic discussions on employment issues traditionally raised on the eve of May 1 of each year”, specifying that the government has succeeded in transforming this dialogue into a real means of addressing the issues of inequalities and social justice, as well as a frame of reference for the debate on the development of the Moroccan economic model and social relations with unions and employers.

In this context, he stressed that the government, through the mechanism of social dialogue, wishes to establish bridges of communication with trade unions and employers, the objective being to interact constructively with priority issues, particularly those related to employment, in order to promote productive investment that promotes decent and sustainable work.

In this regard, Mr. Akhannouch called for pooling efforts to develop a new generation of coherent and employment-oriented public policies, while implementing training programs adapted to the labor market and facilitating access to employment for young people from all social categories.

The head of government stressed that the economic indicators for the year 2023 “highlight the government’s colossal effort to overcome the cumulative deficits that have affected the employment situation in the Kingdom”, affirming that the national economy has been able to achieve positive results, despite the succession of difficult national and international situations.

Mr. Akhannouch affirmed that the government, with its economic and social partners, has established a Moroccan model of social dialogue, which will be an important step in the consolidation of the Moroccan democratic project, and a central mechanism for establishing the foundations of the social state in accordance with the will of King Mohammed VI.

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