Slap for the Polisario… Death of an American senator supporting separation

Republican US Senator Jim Inhofe died yesterday, Tuesday, July 9, 2024, at the age of 90. He was one of the greatest defenders of the Polisario cause within the US Congress.

Sen. Jim Inhofe failed to retain his seat in the last election and left Congress after Oklahoma Rep. Mark Wayne Mullin won the race for his seat.

Jim Inhofe was considered one of the fiercest opponents of the inclusion of recognition of Morocco’s sovereignty over the Sahara in the agreement signed between Washington, Rabat and Tel Aviv.

Earlier, US Senator Inhofe led, alongside 26 other senators, a letter to President Joe Biden, demanding the withdrawal of Donald Trump’s decision on the Moroccan Sahara issue. He had been a leader among Morocco’s opponents in the Senate to convince Washington to reverse the decision to recognize Moroccan sovereignty over its Sahara.

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