TAMWILCOM and the Mohammed VI Foundation for Sciences and Health join forces to promote Health tech startups

HIBAP¨RESS-RABAT TAMWILCOM and the Mohammed VI Foundation for Sciences and Health (FM6SS) signed, this Wednesday, July 10, 2024 in Casablanca, a memorandum of understanding aimed at strengthening their synergies to support startups and innovative projects in the field of Health tech. This partnership, signed by Mr. Hicham ZANATI SERGHINI, Managing Director of TAMWILCOM and Pr. Youns BJIJOU, Deputy Director of the Mohammed VI Foundation for Health Sciences, marks the joint commitment of the two institutions to the emergence of an innovative, dynamic and prosperous ecosystem in the field of health in Morocco. Through this partnership, TAMWILCOM is committed to mobilizing its network of partners within the framework of the Innov Invest Fund (FII) in order to effectively support innovative projects from the FM6SS or its ecosystem. The two institutions will jointly organize and lead awareness-raising and communication activities to inform project leaders about the various financing options available. These initiatives aim to strengthen the capacities of entrepreneurs and guide them in their development journey. For its part, the Mohammed VI Foundation for Sciences and Health will provide Health Tech startups that have benefited from the Innov Invest Fund’s interventions with the infrastructure, expertise and facilities needed to successfully carry out their projects and thus maximize their chances of success in developing innovative and effective solutions. Finally, the two parties agreed to mobilize their expertise and work together, particularly through the joint organization of communication activities for targeted startups, in order to raise awareness of the opportunities offered by this collaboration.

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