Chtouka: Gendarmerie launches a repressive operation against those involved in the riots during the celebrations of Boujloud and “Achoura”

The members of the Royal Gendarmerie of the territorial capital of Sidi Bibi, and within the framework of their campaign launched in coordination with the Gendarmerie Company of the Judicial Center of Boukry, Chtouka-Ait Baha Province, launched, since the events of Boujloud, and in conjunction with the celebrations of “Achoura” during this week, the arrest of 19 offenders.

According to the newspaper’s sources, on-site inspections and daily searches in several public spaces and at the black spot led to the arrest of 19 people involved in the events of the Boujloud festivals, promoters and consumers, as well as those involved in cases of violence, theft and obstruction, as well as those who are under investigation in civil and criminal cases.

The Royal Gendarmerie of Sidi Bibi, under the instructions of the Regional Commander of the Royal Gendarmerie of Sidi Bibi, continues the security campaigns that the newspaper’s sources described as qualitative and large-scale, during which they were able to arrest more than 70 people, from mid-October last week until today, Wednesday.

A proactive security measure has restored safety and security to areas across the region, with demands for its continuation during the current summer.

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