During Ramadan… Here’s how to benefit from the benefits of fasting


Muslims fulfill one of the pillars of Islam, and it is the pillar which grants us blessings and in which our Lord overflows with His Mercy and liberation from hell.

God Almighty said, glorifying the month of Ramadan (O you who believe, it is decreed for you to fast as it was decreed for those before you that you may become righteous)

During this Sacred Month, full of virtues, Almighty God wants us to fast and that we accomplish it with faith and in search of reward, and that we use his hours of worship in order to reap the most good deeds, in order to that we are all among the winners, the righteous predecessors recommend that we ensure that this Blessed Month is a time of accountability, evaluation of actions, review and correction of life.

-Ensure that the Tarawih Prayer is performed in congregation. The Prophet (may Allah’s Prayer and Peace be upon Him) said: Whoever prays with the imam until he finishes, he will be recorded as having prayed to him all night.

-Beware of extravagance in matters of money and other things, because extravagance is prohibited and reduces your luck in the charity for which you are rewarding.

-Determine to continue after Ramadan because you are used to it.

-This month is a month of worship and work, not sleep and laziness.

-Accustom your tongue to constant remembrance, and do not be one of those who remember God little.

-When we are hungry, we must remember that we are weak and cannot do without food and other blessings from God.

-You should take the opportunity of this month to permanently refrain from using what is not beneficial to you.

-Rushing to ask forgiveness from those we have wronged before they take away our good deeds

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