Moroccan government expropriates Algerian state-owned real estate in capital Rabat


The Moroccan government has decided, upon proposal and consultation with the Ministries of Economy, Finance and the Interior, to expropriate a certain number of properties and land belonging to the Algerian Republic, in the administrative capital Rabat, for the public utility, in order to exploit them to expand the headquarters of the services of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The draft decree included in number 5811 of the Official Bulletin, published on March 13, 2024, listed 3 properties for which expropriation procedures had been initiated.

The case concerns a property called “Kabalia”, with an area of ​​619 square meters, the second “Zanzi”, with a total area of ​​630 square meters, and includes a two-storey residence, offices on the ground floor -floor and facilities, while the third property is called “Villa de Soleil Rising”, with an area of ​​491.00 square meters, with a one-story villa and multiple facilities.

The draft decree explains that the expropriation of real estate is due to “the public utility which requires the expansion of administrative buildings for the benefit of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans Residing Abroad, in the Municipality of Rabat, and the expropriation of real estate necessary for this purpose, on the basis of Law No. 81-7, relating to expropriation for reasons of public utility and occupation. Temporary Decree No. 254-81-1, of 11 Rajab 1402 (May 6, 1982), and based on Decree No. 382-82-2 of 2 Rajab 1403 (April 16, 1983), implementing Law No. 81 -7 above.

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