Disappearance forever of the famous film studios in Egypt ravaged by a huge fire


A real drama for the 7th Art. One of the oldest and famous film studios in Egypt and in the world was ravaged, on the night of Friday March 15 to Saturday March 16, by a huge fire in Cairo, without causing any casualties, according to local media.

The fire devastated the Al-Ahram studio, built in 1944, which extended over 27,000 m2 which included three film sets, a projection room as well as an editing room and then spread to three neighboring buildings who were evacuated before the arrival of the flames.

According to local media, the fire broke out after the filming of a soap opera broadcast during Ramadan, during which television enjoys its highest audiences in Egypt and the Arab world.

In the 1950s, Egypt was a heavyweight in world cinema in terms of film production, for the occasion nicknamed Hollywood-on-the-Nile.

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