Rabat Town Hall/ RNI: Here is the one who will succeed the resigning Asmae Ghlallou


The RNI recommends El Mouden to succeed Ghlallou as president of the Rabat City Council

The National Rally of Independents has decided on the name that will succeed Asmae Ghlallou, the mayor of Rabat, who decided to resign last month.

The RNI has decided to choose Fatiha El Mouden, secretary of the Council of the Municipality of Rabat, to assume this position and succeed Asmae Ghlallou at the head of the Rabat Council.

Asmae Ghlallou presented her resignation on Wednesday February 28, 2024, after being isolated and politically besieged, due to the imbalances that characterize the management of the Council since the elections of September 8, 2021.

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