Interception of 269 irregular emigration candidates who intended to go to the Canary Islands

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Various coastal combing and maritime patrol operations enabled, on Friday, the interception of a total of 269 candidates for irregular emigration, who intended to go to the Canary Islands, indicates a press release from the General Staff of the Royal Armed Forces (FAR).

During three separate combing operations, carried out about ten kilometers southwest of the town of Tan-Tan, FAR elements responsible for coastal surveillance proceeded, in collaboration with the combing modules, to the abortion of three attempts at irregular emigration, specifies the press release.

These operations resulted in the interception of 147 candidates for irregular emigration, including 103 Sub-Saharan and 44 Moroccans, it continues.

The same day, two combat units of the Royal Navy intercepted 37 km west of Tan-Tan and 122 km southwest of Dakhla during two separate maritime patrol operations two boats, having on board, 122 candidates for irregular emigration, including 84 sub-Saharans and 38 Moroccans, underlines the same source.

The people intercepted received the necessary care before being entrusted to the Royal Gendarmerie for the usual administrative procedures, it is concluded.

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