National Dialogue on Urban Planning, Housing Kicks Off

The Minister of National Territory Planning, Land Planning, Housing and City Policy, Fatima Ezzahra El Mansouri, launched, under the High Patronage of King Mohammed VI, the National Dialogue on Urban Planning and Housing, during an official ceremony, chaired by the head of government and in the presence of ministers and representatives of ministerial departments concerned, constitutional bodies, public institutions, professional organizations. “The National Dialogue on Urban Planning and Housing is part of the implementation of the High Royal Instructions to allow citizens to enjoy a decent housing and quality and encourage productive investment, “said Friday in Rabat, El Mansouri at this ceremony.

She added that “this national dialogue is of particular importance because it will implement a new development model at the level of Housing and Urban Planning, to establish a national framework for a transparent, equitable, sustainable and incentive urban development, to propose a housing supply taking into account the social, economic and territorial requirements, to establish a support program for the promotion of inclusive and resilient rural areas and also to establish an integrated approach to the preservation and enhancement of the built heritage,” said the ministry in a statement.

These consultations also aim to reduce territorial disparities and to make a break with public policies that have shown their limits while capitalizing on the achievements and adopting new paradigms.

The territorial planning and production of living spaces are in the front line to accompany this urban transition and to concretize these transformations at different scales, regional, metropolitan, communal and among the various units of neighborhood, emphasizes the same source, noting that the magnitude of the challenges ahead requires the search for new models of planning and modes of living more qualitative and more innovative.

“The dynamics instilled by King Mohammed VI, may God assist him, throughout the Kingdom, and the acceleration of changes in the territories, requires planning based on innovative tools with a growing capacity in terms of support and technical support to local authorities, investors and citizens, in order to combine all initiatives to support the development process of our country, after a health and economic crisis, “said the minister.

Indeed, this dialogue will provide new answers to the many expectations expressed by citizens and investors in relation to the cost of housing, the democratization of access to housing, the stimulation of the rental sector, taking into account the qualitative aspects and sustainability as well as the integration of the concepts of social mix. The respect of the social and spatial equity must be based on a better knowledge of the territories and specific and targeted local intervention tools, we underline.

Also, as part of the implementation of advanced regionalization and devolution, the national dialogue on urban planning and housing will be declined at the level of the 12 regions of the Kingdom, Wednesday, September 21, 2022 to be listening to the territories, from the regional scale to the communal scale. This will be an opportunity for broader debate, exchange and sharing on issues related to urban planning, production of decent housing that meets the requirements of citizens. The regional meetings will see the organization of thematic workshops on urban planning, governance, housing supply, the built environment and support to the rural world in order to reduce territorial disparities.

The National Dialogue on Urban Planning and Housing will also be an opportunity for the implementation of a new public policy in the field of Urban Planning and Housing, characterized by the convergence and harmony of sectoral interventions to meet the requirements of territorial development in all its dimensions.

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