A diplomatic source responds: “Morocco gave the headquarters for free to the Algerian embassy and it is not concerned by the Vienna Convention”

In an accusatory statement against the Moroccan authorities, Algeria reacted to the decision to confiscate land in Rabat with incomprehensible remarks, devoid of the agreed diplomatic finesse, which pushed the Moroccan side to respond to the lies of the Algerian military regime . According to information obtained by Hiba Press from a well-informed diplomatic source, the Algerian authorities published a press release entitled “Confiscation of the seats of its diplomatic representations in Morocco”, where it appeared that these allegations were unfounded.

In response, a Moroccan diplomatic source said that this did not concern official seats such as the former headquarters of the Algerian embassy in Rabat, which was not subject to any measures as claimed by the Algerian side.

Contrary to what the Algerian authorities claim, the consulate and the headquarters of the former Algerian embassy in Rabat were granted free of charge by the Moroccan authorities to the Algerian diplomatic mission, and they were not the subject of any “confiscation ”.

The same diplomatic source added that these places benefit from total respect and protection from the Moroccan state, even in the absence of privileges and immunities after the unilateral severance of diplomatic relations. Algeria.

The Moroccan diplomatic source also clarified that only one building was discussed with the Algerian authorities, an unused building adjacent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In addition, this expansion, in recent years, has included many diplomatic buildings, especially those of Ivory Coast and Switzerland, and all these missions have understood the situation and have not taken it out of its place. natural context.

The same source explained that the Algerian authorities have for more than two years been closely engaged and informed at all stages and with total transparency on Morocco’s decision regarding the building concerned, which is simply an unused building.

Since January 2022, the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs has officially informed the Algerian authorities on several occasions of its intention to recover the mentioned building in a friendly manner, and the Consul General of Algeria in Casablanca was received at the ministry on this subject at least 4 times, in addition to this, 8 official letters were sent to the Algerian authorities, who responded with at least 5 official letters.

The Algerian authorities responded in two of their letters to the Moroccan offer, indicating that “the State’s evaluation of these properties is underway and that its conclusions will be announced as soon as it is completed”, before adding in the same correspondence that the Algerian authorities “will abandon the building and remove its contents in accordance with diplomatic practices once the sale is completed”.

In another message, the Algerian authorities also informed in writing that they “decided to begin the confiscation for reasons of public interest of certain properties in the region neighboring the Palais du Peuple, and therefore to recover ownership of the property , including the residence of the ambassador of the Moroccan mission”.

Contrary to what was stated in the press release from the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, our source confirmed that the Kingdom fully assumes its responsibilities and obligations arising from the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1961.

Even if diplomatic relations were cut off by a unilateral decision by Algeria on August 24, 2021, Morocco assumes its responsibilities and respects its obligations arising from diplomatic rules and practices.

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