French official says Franco-Moroccan relations are experiencing “new dynamics”

Christophe Lecourtier, the French ambassador to Morocco, affirmed today in Rabat that Franco-Moroccan relations are today experiencing a “new dynamic which is firmly oriented towards the future”.

Speaking during a seminar organized by the Faculty of Legal, Economic and Social Sciences – Rabat Agdal, on the theme “Franco-Moroccan relations: challenges and perspectives”, the French diplomat underlined the strong will of his country, to highest level of State, to continue its historic collaboration with the Kingdom.

Referring to the geopolitical context in which these relations are evolving today, Mr. Lecourtier affirmed that the two countries, which share a “common destiny”, are called upon to face several challenges, particularly in terms of economic integration, competitiveness and shared prosperity.

In this context, the French ambassador declared: “We are at a crucial moment in our relationship. We live today in a rapidly changing world, which requires us to redefine our relationship and look around us to face together the many challenges that await us”.

Mr. Lecourtier underlined in this context the need to “reconstruct” the relationship between France and Morocco around human capital, that is to say the strength of human relations, because “we have many things in common” .

He expressed his conviction that in the context of “the new globalization, we have no choice but to continue building a community with a common destiny. I am convinced that for Europe and France in particular, there is no other choice, in the vision carried by His Majesty the King, than to work to build, around Morocco, this Euro-African union the most integrated”.

To meet this challenge, explained the French ambassador, “we must convince at the European level that it is necessary to take an interest in our South”, stressing that the European Union is today “attracted” by its eastern neighborhood , while countries like France see their destiny linked to the South, and are strategically linked to their Southern partners, led by Morocco.

The French diplomat noted that economic prosperity constitutes this other aspect on which the future of Franco-Moroccan relations should rest, recalling that “France’s competitiveness today relies largely on its investments in Morocco, not on the logic of handling, but on that of the joint venture”.

He expressed his satisfaction that “what Morocco offers in terms of infrastructure, stability, quality of the men and women who live there, qualifications of its energy resources, and geographical proximity, constitutes an unprecedented winning equation. Today”.

It is, added the speaker, a dynamic of relations with major objectives which should be strengthened in the future “for the happiness and common prosperity of our peoples”.

At the start of this seminar, the president of the de facto Mohammed V University and dean of the Faculty of Legal, Economic and Social Sciences – Rabat Agdal, Farid Basha, affirmed that Morocco and France carry common universal values, that men of science and knowledge must strengthen, emphasizing that the promotion of these values ​​“cannot be done without openness and encounter with others”.

He stressed that this seminar, in addition to its academic and intellectual value, is part of this effort towards openness and knowledge of others.

This inaugural seminar saw the participation of a large number of students, researchers and academics.

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