Approved by the USA, Morocco will finally have Javelin missiles. Surprising details


The Pentagon has just revealed that the US State Department has approved the possible sale of Javelin missiles and related equipment to Morocco for an estimated cost of $260 million, knowing that the prime contractors for the anti-tank missiles are Lockheed Martin and RTX Corp.

The announcement was made by the United States Defense and Security Cooperation Agency

Morocco has requested the purchase of 612 Javelin FGM-148F missiles (including 12 flying missiles) and 200 Javelin Light Launch Units (LWCLU),” noting that the “required certification informing Congress of this possible sale was issued on Tuesday March 19, 2024.”

Also included are simulation missiles, support equipment, hand and measuring tools, power and distribution equipment, spare parts, gunner training, munitions officer training, integration and verification Systems (SICO), maintenance training, Tactical Air and Ground Munitions (TAGM) and other related elements of logistical support.

On the other hand, the proposed sale will improve Morocco’s long-term defense capacity to defend its Sovereignty and Territorial Integrity and to meet its National Defense needs. Morocco will have no difficulty integrating this equipment into its Royal Armed Forces

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