Meriem’s case, El Grande Toto and Zellij row: Baitas clarifies government’s stance

The Moroccan Government is reinforcing the protection of women and girls within the national legal arsenal, following the tragic death of a minor rape victim during an illegal abortion procedure.

Government spokesman Mustapha Baitas regretted the unfortunate 14 year old’s death during this week’s press briefing, subsequent to the weekly government council, condemning the accident and ensuring the executive is working on preventing similar tragedies.

Baitas additionally commented on the ample controversy that’s been surrounding Moroccan rapper Toto since his concert in Rabat last week, saying that he has spoken to Minister of Culture Mehdi Bensaid on the matter.

The artist, one of the most popular acts of this Grand Concert of Rabat edition, received criticism for his “inappropriate” language during his performance, and talks of drugs during the press conference on the occasion.

Baitas said that the artist’s behavior was unacceptable, adding that efforts will be made to avoid such behavior, and to guarantee the right of all Moroccans to enjoy the public space in an atmosphere of respect and public morals.

In another context, the Spokesperson said that the government is considering the opinion of the Competition Council on hydrocarbons and is actively working on its recommendations, noting that the issue of corporate profits and taxes is currently the subject of a study.

The official spokesman for the government referred to the strong debate between Moroccans and Algerians regarding Adidas’ use of zellij for the Algerian national football team’s jerseys, saying: “This matter is repeated a lot, and it has happened previously with Argan oil and couscous, but the government is doing the necessary in this regard.”

The government official also responded to Abdellatif Jouahri, the governor of Bank Al-Maghrib, regarding the government’s direct support allocated to transport professionals in response to the high fuel prices, saying: “The government does not have a social record, nor specific targeting methods, nor legal mechanisms, but has intervened in response to the current spike in fuel prices.” Baitas said that the current formula of direct support professionals relieves pressure on many citizens.

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