Spanish justice orders temporary suspension of Telegram


Spanish justice announced on Saturday the temporary suspension in the country of the Telegram messaging service for failure to receive the data requested as part of an investigation into the violation of intellectual property rights.

The National Court has given three hours to telecommunications and internet access operators operating in Spain to carry out “the temporary suspension of resources associated with Telegram”, once they have been informed of its decision.

This request is part of an investigation opened after a complaint filed by Spanish audiovisual companies according to which certain Telegram accounts were broadcasting content infringing their intellectual property rights.

In his request, Judge Santiago Pedraz, member of the National Court, asked the authorities of the Virgin Islands, where Telegram's parent company is registered, to ask the messaging service to provide “certain technical data that would make it possible to identify the owners” of these accounts, without receiving a response.

“The lack of cooperation from the authorities of the Virgin Islands, who are only asked to communicate with those responsible for Telegram, means that precautionary measures (…) must be adopted,” argues the judge.

Telegram, which, according to its website, has some 700 million users worldwide, has already been temporarily suspended in other countries for failing to provide information to authorities.

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