Singer Dounia Batma launches her new album “Tfakart L’mima”


Singer Dounia Batma, who is serving her prison sentence at Oudaya prison in Marrakech, is preparing to release her new album on Sunday with a poignant song, entitled “Tfakart L'mima”, on the occasion of Mother's Day .

“Tfakart L'mima” was written by Bouchra Nait El Qadi, composed by Fouad Khoudri, arranged by Mokhtar Alawi, and recorded between Morocco and Turkey.

The song is taken from the film “Al-Buzz”, with Dounia Batma, produced by Aziz El Ammari and directed by Damna Bounaàilat.

The song “Tfakart L'mima”, tells a profound story that highlights a person's deep relationship with their mother, as well as a reflection on life and the difficulties a person faces on their path to realization of his dreams. Through this song, Dounia Batma launches a strong message of firmness and optimism, and motivates people to love their mothers.

It is worth noting that Dounia Batma had her first cinematic experience through the social comedy film “The Buzz”, which shows how some content creators on social networks have reached the point of “spreading triviality and adhere to a bouncing obsession.”

The work, filmed last year in the city of Agadir, tells the story of a poor and ambitious young woman with a singing voice. Luck was not on her side and she was forced to work with the director of a music institute in Agadir, who would serve as her business manager and take her to work at weddings for poor families.

By chance, the young woman will meet a well-known influencer and content creator on social networks who will exploit her voice in exchange for money, but the affair will be revealed at the end of the film and the singer will then achieve the desired fame.

The film “The Buzz” stars a number of well-known artistic personalities, including Abdallah Ferkouss, Fadila Benmoussa, Naima Bouhmala, Bouchra Ahrich, Khadija Skarine, Imame Mechrafi, Fati Jamali and the hero of the Turkish series “Samhini”.

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