Exclusive: Story of the Unpublished Photo of Brahim Abdelkader Diaz with our legendary Abdallah “Malaga” and the rest…

Photo which was sent to us by Mr. Belguezzar known as Ould Aicha, former team captain of Barid Mohammadi of Rabat


Today that Brahim Abdelkader Diaz is creating buzz on all social networks around the world thanks to his skills and his intrinsic footballing potential which have amazed all his fans, we have to go back in time to discover that this young prodigy has already been through Moroccan School under the leadership of our legendary international and professional in Spain since 1956 Abdallah “Malaga” who started at Granada FC, before joining the ranks of Malada CD from 1958 to 1968 as a player where he spent 12 years , playing at the same time with the Moroccan national team in the historic match against Spain where he scored in Madrid (3-2), before training the Malaga club and taking care of all its categories

The native of Mechoir Assaid born in Touarga in 1937, had made his mark with the Stade Marocain during the year 19555-1956 before going to try his luck in Spain where he was very successful as a professional, then as a coach and finally as manager of the Malaga school, where he was the real educator of our brilliant Brahim Abdelkader Diaz who was a young player for Malaga CD

Brahim, let us remember, is not the first nugget that our legend Abdallah discovered because the latter was between 1983 and 1984 Technical Director within the FRMF where he was the architect of the program plan for the 1000 young players that he was able to supervise across the Kingdom with the idea of ​​“distilling” the 70 best to classify them into Elite Groups for the National Teams and the others to distribute them to the Training Centers of the national clubs, hence the the emergence of several internationals of their time

Abdallah “Malaga” who continues to live in Malaga, has remained faithful to his conduct and always tries to highlight his abilities to promote new talents

We highlight that Moroccan football has lost a great man of great quality and if we ever let him get away with his program plan, we would have benefited, since then, from several football stars but as soon as he felt that some people were putting a damper on him, he packed up his bags to go and explode his ideas there or welcomed him with open arms knowing that they were able to “conquer” a true football connoisseur

We must not forget what Abdallah Malaga brought to our football and now we have to pay him a real tribute for having “made” a new genius of world football in this case the next Moroccan “Messi”: Brahim Abdelkader Diaz!

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