The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Algeria in embarrassment… The ministry was not aware of the existence of official correspondence with Morocco

In a second official response from Algeria on the issue of properties that caused an earthquake in Algeria after Moroccan authorities decided to expropriate them for reasons of public utility, Ahmed Attaf, the Algerian Minister of Foreign Affairs, is intervened to address the subject.

Attaf, during a press conference, affirmed that the subject of properties was closed after the emergence of new information regarding the existence of previous correspondence between Morocco and the authorities of his country, the main subject of which was properties concerned, and to which the Algerian authorities had given their agreement via these correspondence.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Algeria confirmed that Morocco had taken an appropriate decision and that the matter was closed, without providing explanations or justifications to the people of his country who had rushed like a herd on the social networks to celebrate a press release which showed the “greatest achievements of the fugitive force”, which places the Algerian authorities, who had issued a statement of condemnation a few days ago, in embarrassment, after having noted that the decision was the subject of previous official correspondence between the two countries and perhaps Attaf was not aware of it, nor was the writer of the “juvenile” communiqué.

The Algerian authorities are used to making the world laugh with their repeated mistakes, and perhaps they should turn to Morocco for additional lessons in the art of refined diplomacy and “appropriate” responses, as said Attaf, to understand the meaning of advancement despite the declarations and barking here and there…

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