Italy…a Ramadan iftar brings the community and representatives of religions to the table of tolerance

Abdel Latif El-Baz – Heba Press
In order to consolidate the bonds of kinship and coexistence between members of the Moroccan community residing abroad, particularly those in Italy, in an initiative that embodies the spirit of coexistence, solidarity and social solidarity during the holy month of Ramadan, month of forgiveness and tolerance, this generosity of Ramadan is in fact only one of the manifestations of the spirit of hospitality and benevolence which characterizes Moroccans. The Jasmine Association of the town of Lignano in northern Italy organized a group iftar on Saturday 13 Ramadan 1445 AH, corresponding to March 23, at the headquarters in Piazza Morelli, bringing together Muslims and Christians to support the integration and coexistence efforts between the indigenous population and expatriates.

The ceremony, attended by Mohammed Al-Akhal, Consul General of the Kingdom of Milan, included the notary judge, the deputy consul, the mayor of the municipality of Legnano, Lorenzo Radischi, and a number of heads of Italian departments of the city, alongside representatives of Christian religions and a large number of members of the Moroccan and Muslim community. This initiative also constituted the opportunity to present the Moroccan customs and traditions which characterize this blessed month, as well as the opportunity to bring the participants closer to the values ​​of moderation and centrism which characterize Moroccan religiosity, in addition to consecrating the values. of coexistence, tolerance, fraternity and coexistence, while allowing members of the Moroccan community residing in Italy to evoke the atmosphere of Ramadan as it is experienced in Morocco. During this collective iftar, the organizers presented many authentic Moroccan dishes which characterize this sacred month, and which usually decorate the iftar table among all Moroccans. During this iftar, the atmosphere of the holy month was blown, and everyone shared moments of peace and conviviality in light of the spiritual atmosphere that characterizes the holy month of Ramadan.

In a speech delivered on this occasion, the Kingdom's consul in Milan, Mohamed Al-Akhal, highlighted the pioneering role of Morocco in consolidating the foundations of peaceful coexistence between religions, highlighting at the same time the efforts of the Kingdom of Morocco to guarantee freedom of worship and promoting the values ​​of peace and dialogue between peoples and civilizations, thanks to the enlightened vision of the Commander of the Faithful, His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may God grant him victory. The diplomatic official expressed his gratitude for having participated in this “group breakfast”, during which the Moroccan community, through the Jasmine Association, demonstrated its presence and integration within Italian society, as well as its responsibility in bringing Italian society closer to the knowledge of the noble universal message of the Islamic religion, and our authentic Moroccan cultural values ​​during this breakfast that I organized.
Sanaa Al-Qusiri, head of the Jasmine Association, which oversees the organization of this group breakfast, indicated in an exclusive statement to Heba Press that this initiative aims above all to support and strengthen ties and relationships between members of the Moroccan community residing in Italy. , particularly in the Lombardy region, and to highlight ancient Moroccan customs and traditions and the attachment of Moroccans to their cultural heritage, in addition to the introduction of the values ​​and principles of Islam, which calls for moderation and moderation and calls for tolerance and solidarity. , cooperation and coexistence.

The spokesperson added that this occasion, with its distinctive presence of authentic Moroccan dishes that characterize the iftar table during the month of Ramadan, traditional Moroccan costume, in addition to Moroccan musical performances, aims to create an exceptional atmosphere for members of the Moroccan community. and encourage them to meet and establish relationships between families, in addition to highlighting the particularities of authentic Moroccan customs and traditions, which coincides with the most blessed month of Ramadan.

She confirmed that a group of Italian families, officials from the municipality of Lignano, in addition to representatives of civil society, were summoned to this collective iftar in order to introduce them to Moroccan customs and traditions associated with this sacred month, as well as as well as the values ​​of tolerance, fraternity, solidarity and respect for others, which constitute fundamental components of Moroccan identity.

This initiative was welcomed by Muslims and non-Muslims who participated in the ceremony, emphasizing that such activities contribute to improving the lives of Muslims, particularly within Italian society.

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