Casablanca stock exchange ends week in green

The Casablanca Stock Exchange ended the week from September 12 to 16 in the green, with its main index, the Masi, gaining 0.58% to 12,198.68 points.

The Morocco Stock Index 20 (MSI20), which reflects the price performance of the 20 most liquid companies, rose by 0.38% to 984.29 points, and the Casablanca ESG 10, the benchmark Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) index, gained 0.12% to 907.2 points.

Since the beginning of the year, these three indices have underperformed by -8.68%, -9.34% and -9.12% respectively.

At the end of this week, 10 sectoral indices of the 23 represented on the Casablanca stock exchange closed up, while 13 ended down.

The engineering and industrial capital goods index recorded the best weekly performance (+29.70%), ahead of those of insurance (+3.58%) and food processing/production (+3.36%).

On the other hand, the forestry and paper sector showed the strongest decline (-3.66%), followed by the real estate participation and promotion sector (-2.95%) and transport (-2.44%).

Additionally, the best individual performances of the week were recorded by Delattre Levivier Maroc (+32.34%), Stroc Industrie (+27%), Lesieur Cristal (+16.59%), Fennie Brossette (+9.16%) and Stokvis Nord Afrique (+8.46%).

In contrast, Disty Technologies showed the highest drop (-9.92%), followed by Cartier Saada (-5.55%), Douja Prom Addoha (-3.86%), Med Paper (-3.66%), and Zellidja S.A (-3.39%).

During this period, the global volume of exchanges reached nearly MAD 420 million, including MAD 402.2 realized on the central stock market, while the market capitalization exceeded MAD 632.69 billion.

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