Ms. Vera Kamtukule, Malawi's Minister of Tourism, wishes to strengthen cultural and tourism cooperation with Morocco


Speaking during a collective Iftar organized by the Kingdom's embassy in Lilongwe, in honor of local government, media and cultural figures, Ms. Vera Kamtukule, Malawi's Minister of Tourism, praised Morocco's attachment to its identity and its ancient civilization and wishes to strengthen cultural cooperation with Morocco in order to benefit from its experience in terms of heritage preservation and promotion of cultural identity.

This meeting was marked by the presence of several personalities, including representatives of television channels and newspapers.

This attachment is reflected in the efforts made by the country's authorities to preserve ancestral and authentic local traditions, particularly with regard to clothing and culinary art.

The Malawian official expressed her desire to work to consolidate cooperation with the Moroccan Ministry of Tourism with a view to exchanging experiences in the development of the tourism sector.

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