The Moroccan avocado invades several European markets and competes with its Turkish counterpart

Morocco has become one of the main producers and exporters of avocados, commonly called “avoka” in the local dialect, especially after many farmers and investors turned to growing the fruit in large quantities.

The Moroccan avocado, known as “avoka”, has conquered several European markets, thus competing with its Turkish counterpart, “fuerte”. Moroccan avocados are distinguished by their high quality and affordable price.

According to specific data, Moroccan avocados have invaded many European markets, including the Georgian market, where they experienced significant demand and found their place in the market at a price equivalent to 4.8 US dollars per kilogram, compared to 6, 5 to 7 dollars for Turkish green avocado.

Morocco achieved an exceptional performance by exporting around 58,000 tonnes of avocados for the 2023-2024 agricultural season, despite climatic fluctuations having impacted the yield of the product, thus establishing a new record in terms of exports.

According to the specialized site “Freshplaza”, most Moroccan farmers exported their avocado harvests in February and March, with an average yield of around 17 to 18 tonnes per hectare, some even reaching 27 to 30 tonnes per hectare, an unprecedented figure in the Mediterranean basin.

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