Provocation or normal practice? A foreign tourist films the Royal Gendarmerie at different observation points in the Kingdom


Video clips widely distributed on social networks showed a foreigner, accompanied by a woman, probably his wife, aboard a utility vehicle, filming elements of the Royal Gendarmerie at several observation points in different regions of the Kingdom.

According to the clips documented by the foreign tourist, in several scenes he tried to provoke the Royal Gendarmerie to document his reaction through a camera he carried with him, emphasizing that Moroccan law prohibits photographing members of the Gendarmerie Royale and other members of the Public Forces while they carried out their work without prior authorization.

According to the video clips, the foreign tourist intends to commit violations with the aim of being arrested by the Royal Gendarmerie, and then takes the opportunity to document the reaction of the gendarmes, in particular those who reject the principle of photographing the recording of violations.

The Directorate of the Royal Gendarmerie should react to the clips broadcast on social networks by opening an investigation to reveal the date and place of their recording, the nationality of the foreign tourist and the purpose of documenting these offensive scenes for the Moroccan Gendarmerie.

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