Emirati minister criticizes Algerian president after comments on Emirates

Anwar Gargash, former UAE foreign minister and presidential adviser, criticized statements by Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune, which suggested a “destructive” role for the Emirates.

He said in a tweet on the “X” platform: “It is strange that a distant brother country practices criticism and insinuations about its relations with the Emirates, continuing the veiled allusions without clarification or explanation. However, showing restraint in response and patience in the face of provocations will remain our path, because wisdom is a tradition of our leadership that considers relations with brotherly countries as a priority and a central pillar of our policy. »

Emirati academician Abdul Khaleq Abdullah also criticized Tebboune’s statements, saying: “The words of the president of an Arab state about another Arab state are sad and clumsy.” Your Excellency, your country is facing serious internal crises. Deal with them with wisdom and wise management, and do not attribute them to external intervention in an attempt to escape abroad to cover up internal errors. We pray that you will be guided towards righteousness during the last ten days of Ramadan. »

It should be noted that Tebboune issued a warning to the Emirates, without naming them, indicating that his country still considered them a “brother country”, but rejected their actions in neighboring countries. This is the first time that the Algerian president has spoken almost directly about the Emirates, which have been widely criticized in recent months in political and media circles.

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