Yango Navigation Lands in Casablanca: The Promise of a New Era in Urban Travel


In a move that demonstrates its unwavering commitment to innovation, Yango today unveils with palpable pride its latest technological feat: Yango Navigation. This revolutionary navigation service, which officially saw the light of day on the streets of Casablanca on April 1, promises a radical transformation of urban travel by offering users an unparalleled navigation experience, characterized by unparalleled route optimization and capabilities real-time traffic avoidance.

For Yango, the launch of Yango Navigation marks the culmination of an ongoing commitment to integrating the most advanced technologies into practical and relevant solutions, specifically designed to address the unique challenges faced by urban commuters. By making the most of advances in cartography and geolocation, Yango has carefully mapped the complex network of streets that make up the urban fabric of Casablanca, thus offering users fluid, safe and efficient navigation.

“Yango Navigation is much more than a simple guidance tool – it is a real revolution in the world of urban mobility,” says Zouhair Bougattaya, Managing Director of Yango Maroc. “Yango Navigation provides users with a smooth and intuitive navigation experience, allowing them to bypass traffic jams and reach their destination faster than before”

Yango Navigation is not just a localized service; it is part of a global initiative aimed at democratizing access to advanced navigation solutions. In addition to Casablanca, this service is already operational in cities such as Dubai, Accra and others. With additional expansion plans in the coming months, Yango is poised to make a lasting impact on urban mobility on a global scale.

To ensure seamless integration and a smooth user experience, Yango Navigation is seamlessly integrated into the existing Yango app. Moroccans are encouraged to update their Yango app to the latest version to unlock the full potential of Yango Navigation and embark on a journey of exploration.

The launch of Yango Navigation in Casablanca is complemented by an extensive marketing campaign, illustrating Yango’s commitment to raising awareness and driving adoption of this revolutionary service. Through a combination of captivating visuals and compelling messages, the campaign aims to showcase the transformative power of Yango Navigation in revolutionizing urban travel.

As Yango continues to push the boundaries of technological innovation, Yango Navigation demonstrates the company’s unwavering commitment to driving positive change in communities around the world. Yango plans to introduce other digital services to the market in the near future within the Yango Superapp.

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