National regret: If Moulay Brahim Boutayeb was told to me

Photo BABA/ Caption: Moulay Brahim Boutayeb (right) alongside the other world champion Khalid Sekkah


Moulay Brahim Boutayeb…a name which will mean almost nothing for this new generation hallucinated by football, ignorant of the magical History of our Athletics Athletes who have highly dominated all types of Men’s and Women’s Races since 1984 or the Legend began with Naoual El Moutaouakkil and Said Aouita in Los Angeles and who thus opened the way to other great Champions of size, notably Moulay Brahim Boutayeb who “pulverized” Kenyans and Ethiopians either in the 5,000 or the 10 000, winning an Olympic Medal in Seoul before repeating for Bronze in Tokyo for the 1991 World Championships

Moulay Brahim Boutayeb had been a serious and good-natured young athlete, whose figure was so impressive on the track that the young people of his generation were impressed by it, knowing that he was of exemplary kindness in addition to enjoying a indisputable approach which allowed him to win the sympathy of all

Moulay Brahim Boutayeb, who was an example to follow, was passionate about cars and then devoted himself to the Rally where he shone with his presence

We still regret today that Boutayeb and all the other Athletes are ignored by visual media coverage which could have allowed them to be very well known and even taken as a model and inspired by all these current young people… unfortunately, just as well the SNRT that other active forces in Sport or the supervisory ministries have never followed up on the wonderful exploits of all our Athletics legends like Moulay Brahim Boutayeb

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