Arrest in Nador of 16 individuals involved in the international trafficking of stolen cars


Elements of the Nador judicial police arrested on Saturday morning, in coordination with the services of the General Directorate of Territorial Surveillance, sixteen individuals active in a criminal network of international trafficking in stolen cars, forgeries and use of forgeries .

This security operation, carried out in several rural locations in the surroundings of Nador, Driouch and Ben Tayeb, resulted in the arrest of suspects for their alleged involvement in the falsification of documents, serial numbers and license plates to sell cars stolen for the benefit of criminal networks, indicates a security source.

The searches carried out in the depots operated by the defendants led to the seizure of 69 vehicles of various categories and brands, false registration plates, 220 engines, spare parts as well as keys, documents and manufacturers’ plates. automobiles, adds the same source. They also led to the seizure of three hunting rifles, 33 cartridges, computers and mobile phones as well as data storage equipment, printers and equipment used in the falsification of license plates, in addition to sums of money , in foreign currency and national currency, suspected of being the spoils of this criminal activity.

The operation to identify suspects in the National Security database revealed that one of them is the subject of several national search warrants, issued against him by the security services. the judicial police and the Royal Gendarmerie of Laâyoune, Agadir and Nador, in connection with the international trafficking of stolen cars.

The suspects were subjected to the judicial investigation carried out under the supervision of the competent public prosecutor’s office with a view to determining the possible ramifications of this criminal activity and to arrest the other accomplices.

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