Spain: Preliminary agreement to regularize the legal situation of around half a million migrants

The Spanish Parliament has agreed to discuss an initiative aimed at legalizing the situation of all migrants living in the country irregularly and allowing those not registered to “escape from clandestinity and the absence of rights”.

The initiative in question, launched by an organization defending irregular migrants around 3 years ago, was signed by more than 600,000 people and obtained the support of nearly 900 associations.

The initiative calls for the establishment of mechanisms allowing migrants living in Spain without documents to escape clandestinity and the absence of rights.

The most recent estimates reveal that between 390,000 and 470,000 people are in an irregular situation in Spain, a third of whom are minors.

She adds that the criteria for obtaining a residence permit are “very restrictive” and that the procedures are “slow and bureaucratic”.

In this regard, supporters of the initiative pointed out that collective regularization policies have been implemented several times in recent decades in the European Union, including in Spain.

They also added that the current situation harms the “fundamental rights” of irregular migrants who do not pay taxes, also causing a “significant economic and financial loss” for Spain.

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